Extensive testing on performance brake coatings

Racing GT

Trimite’s high tech coatings for performance brake caliper materials have undergone a series of rigorous tests since 2014.

The testing, which took place over one year, was initiated on behalf of the largest auto manufacturing group in the world for one of their premium marques. As a consequence of the resulting high standards, the product has since been used by other high performance car and racing caliper brands.

Trimite specialise in making bespoke colours for smaller runs. The product is air dried at an ambient temperature of 20ºC or force cured for 40 minutes at 80ºC, which also simplifies the manufacturing process.

The caliper coatings have been extensively tested for discoloration at high temperatures, humidity, stone chip resistance, adhesion and water soak. The product has a high resistance against hydraulic fluid, UV light and salt. Save Save