Laboratory tested and proven under battlefield conditions

Trimite Global Coatings has a long pedigree of developing advanced defence coatings throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. As the threat of chemical weapons attacks increased during the 1980’s, the Ministry of Defence required a Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) which could withstand the harsh cleaning products used to remove chemicals agents, such as sarin and nerve gas, from military vehicles and ground equipment.

The materials developed, tested and produced by Trimite meet the strict Defence standard of DEF STAN 80-208. They are infrared reflective, with special pigments designed to make the coating invisible through infrared night sights. Each batch we create undergoes stringent infrared reflecting testing. The Trimite CARC  products has been specified on some of the biggest military vehicle build programmes in Europe, appearing on the Mastiff, Ridgeback, Jackal and Warthog armoured vehicles.

As a company we have successfully contributed to a wide number of Urgent Operation Requirements (UOR). In addition to the CARC coatings, we have developed a military approved Infrared Reflecting Defence Standard DEF STAN 80-122 polyester powder coating product used on everything from components for military vehicles, to storage lockers and small arms.