Low environmental impact for more than a decade

Eco LeafThe paints used on Perkins engines meet strict environmental standards – and have done so for more than a decade. Some 15 years ago, Perkins took the decision to switch from solvent to water-based solutions to greatly reduce its VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions and overall environmental impact.

Since then, Perkins has worked with Trimite to develop its paints and maintain quality, while reducing their environmental impact even further. The work Perkins has done is highly regarded across the industry, with several competitors also choosing to use paint products developed by Perkins on their own engines.

This year Trimite have converted Perkins’ UK factory in Stafford from using solvent based two component engine coatings to a water based 1 component product.

“The appearance of Perkins engines is incredibly important to our customers, as it is to us,” said Will Astbury, manufacturing advanced planning (global support). “It’s important we do justice to the quality of our engines and meet our customers’ expectations with a finish of equal quality.”

All of the paint colours used by Perkins undergo rigorous accelerated life testing. This ensures that every engine sold to customers has proven, long-lasting protection against a range of corrosion factors, including weathering, UV, resistance to fluids, and colour retention.