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Trimite offers a full end to end process in metal pretreatments, backed by specialist technical support services to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.  We carry a complete range of cleaners and coatings, from solvent wipes and brush cleaners through to spray and dip cleaners that can be provided in quantities from a litre to industrial tanks.

Specialist technical support

If you don’t have in-house technical support, we can work with you on site to ensure all your pretreatments are working to their optimal ability, through sample testing on site or in our labs at Birmingham. We also offer bespoke in-house training programmes.

Optimising performance

We are also UK suppliers of tailor made high performing treatments such as Henkel’s Bonderite and products by SurTec

Is your pretreatment process working best for you?

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What is pretreatment?

Pretreatment is a crucial pre-cursor step for any coating and provides excellent appearance as well as improved service life of the material’s surface.

Why do I need it?

In short, pretreatment builds value and durability into your operations by ensuring better adhesion while providing enhanced corrosion and blister resistance.

What does it involve?

Coating pretreatment is the process of cleaning, rinsing and drying material surfaces before applying coatings. The three main steps carried out during the pretreatment process are:

• Removal of oil, grease and dirt
• Removal of the outer oxide layer 
• Formation of pretreatment layers.

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Fast Facts
The absence of pretreatment is responsible for over 80% of in-service corrosion and blistering failures.
Fast Facts
The worldwide coatings pretreatment industry is experiencing rapid growth. In 2020 the global pretreatment market stood at around $2.38bn and is predicted to be worth in the region of $3.47bn by 2025.
Fast Facts
Globally the automotive and transportation industries are the largest markets for coatings pretreatments, with the process’s use in construction sector not far behind. Other sectors experiencing significant growth include aerospace, electronics and furniture.

What our customers say

“We have been with Trimite since the beginning of our commencement of trading as a powder coating business some 12 years ago. In that time we have always found Trimite to deliver and meet all our expectations for pretreatment and provide technical back up as and when required. We are 100% happy with the service provided by Trimite as a company and its personnel.”
Ed Devonshire
Managing Director, Alucoat

Industry recognised brands

Additional to our own pretreatment range, you can also purchase Surtec and Henkel pretreatment products.

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