We produce a range of specialist paints and coatings for the aerospace industry, which are designed for some of the harshest environments imaginable. Our work in this sector has involved supplying coating technologies for a range of aerospace industries covering space, commercial and business aviation and defence.

Automotive & Transport

From cars and public transport to construction and heavy armoured vehicles, we are a major producer of paints and coatings that are specifically formulated to meet the stringent demands of the automotive and transportation market.


We all use an ATM to get our money out but have probably never considered how it stands up to 24/7 use, all types of weather during the year as well as potential vandalism. That’s where we come in with our protective coatings specially formulated for cash machines. The safe inside is likely to be coated with a Trimite product too.

Maintenance & Repair

From high performing masonry paint to anti-fungal paint, we are the first-choice solutions provider for both commercial and industrial property as well as housing associations. Whether it’s specialist paints for walls, floors and interior steel furnishings we can provide the protective product you need. We can also deliver specialist decorative coatings.


For many years we have been a leading supplier of specialist products for the global defence industry. Our defence coatings and pre-treatments are laboratory tested and conform to most international defence standards. We offer a range of specialist solutions from solar reflection to camouflage and identification marking.

General Industrial

Our coatings have a wide range of applications to steel, iron and aluminium as well as glass, plastic and wood. These coatings include both air drying and stoving coatings which have wide range of applications including nuts and bolts, office furniture, toolboxes, transformers, power plant equipment, transport containers and agricultural and construction equipment.

Sport & Leisure

When you’re swimming, watching or playing sport, our paints will be around you. We produce specialist paints for sports stadia, squash courts and swimming pools, from anti slip surfaces to chloride protection.

Distributors & Suppliers

We contract manufacture paints for retailers and other suppliers to sell under their own brands. So, we’re also the brand behind the brands.