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Trimite is a world leader in the production of coatings that perform to the most exacting of standards – we are renowned for our scientific knowledge as well as our unparalleled range of colours.

  • Paint


    We have manufactured high quality paints for over 70 years and our industry leading range includes coatings for almost every application. The range includes solvent and water based coatings available in a limitless range of colours and finishes. Find Out More »

  • powder-coat-nozzle


    Powder coatings can offer an environmentally friendly option for product finishing and our products are used throughout manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive range includes coatings that provide attractive and durable finishes for a wide range of manufactured items. Find Out More »

  • Pre Treatments


    The use of the correct cleaning and pretreating products is fundamental to most coating processes and our range includes products for almost every application. We supply products for most substrates and for application in a variety of processes. Find Out More »