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Coatings for Plastics

Coatings for Plastics

Trimite has been a leading supplier for many years of specialist coatings to the plastics industry in the UK – so much so, that we have made our product name ‘Plastilac‘ a Registered Trade Mark in the UK.

The Trimite Plastilac® paint range is specially designed for the coating of various types of plastic substrates.

Plastics are widely used in many industries, including the Mass Transit Industry for seating, which requires extensive testing and approval to international standards for e.g. smoke and toxic fume emissions, graffiti resistance, and colour and gloss retention.

Other industries where Trimite Plastilac® is supplied include:

  • Medical Equipment – such as MRI and CT scanners
  • ATM Machines – we are a major supplier for bank ATM’s to global OEM manufacturers
  • Injection Mouldings – such as injection moulded guttering and furniture and uPVC items
  • Electromagnetic Shield coatings – to shield radiofrequency emissions from electronic equipment.
colour swatch for paint

In addition, many Trimite Plastilac® coatings are used over metal substrates as industrial exterior finishes, due to their high performance properties.

The Trimite Plastilac® range includes coatings with:

  • A wide range of finishes, from matt to high gloss
  • Surface textures from smooth gloss, to a range of textures, to varying degrees of splatter finish
  • A very extensive choice of colours, and also including clear varnishes to protect special textures.
CT (Computed tomography) scanner in hospital laboratory.
Close up of an ATM machine. Keyboard and insert card