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General Industrial Coatings

General Industrial Coatings

We supply a very wide range of paints and coatings to various industrial markets, for the protection of steel substrates, non-ferrous metals and other materials.

Our coatings have passed many stringent test requirements for particular OEM end-users and market areas – please see our individual product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for details.


Key market areas supplied by Trimite include:

Metal items and fabrications

We can supply coatings for most fabricated metal items that require painting.

ACE (Agricultural, Construction, Earthmoving) Equipment

We product both new construction systems for major OEM’s as well as maintenance and repair systems. Our specially colour-matched Trimasol Custom Aerosols enable the easy touch-up of small damage areas for major plant and equipment.

Vehicle Chassis and components

Fast drying anticorrosive protection for both new construction and maintenance.

Waste Containers

Suitable for many types of waste containers, skips and recycling equipment.

Plant and Equipment

Both for new build and maintenance painting, we supply a wide range of decorative and protective systems.

row of huge orange powerful construction machines, tractors, excavators,
Tubes of factory on a background sky

Structural Steelwork

For new fabrication and maintenance painting of structural steel buildings, plant and equipment.


We are a major supplier of customised systems for metal engine exteriors.

Pressurised Containers

We supply major OEM’s with protective paint systems for both new work and repair painting of gas bottles.

Heat Resistant Coatings

We supply high temperature coatings from Bright Aluminium single pack finish, to systems suitable up to 600°C.

Many Air compressors pressure pumps closeup photo
Spraying red paint on structural steelwork