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Drum Coatings

Paints for Steel Drums

Steel drums, both new and refurbished, usually require coatings for both interior and exterior surfaces. The coatings used for drum protection must be capable of withstanding a wide range of chemicals and products, and their application processes have very demanding drying, stoving and spraying properties.

The Trimite drum coating range is focussed on application to the exterior of steel drums.

We supply both the traditional solvent based drum coatings, together with the more widely used and environmentally friendly water based polyester products.

Our water based polyester range has been specially formulated to prevent or minimise common drum coating issues including:

  • Increased tolerance to application variations
  • Prevention of fish-eyeing and cissing
  • Good bleed resistance for application of different coloured banding
Yellow oil drums on an industrial transport site stacked om palettes.
red oil steel container with white metal cap

Trimite drum coatings have also been thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with a range of demanding performance specifications, including:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Hardness and scratch resistance
  • Flexibility and bend
  • Hot water resistance
  • Cure times at different stoving temperatures
Metal drums painted blue with white middle banding.
metal barrels of green color