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Sustainability - our business principles

Paints and coatings play an important role in everyday life – see the British Coatings Federation ‘Essential Coatings’ Report here.

From the consolidation of our previous business identities to ‘Trimite Global Coatings’ in 2020, our Core Values have been fundamental to our approach to all our operations.

Part of our Core Values is our approach to the environment and sustainability. We believe that sustainability principles are fundamental to creating a forward-thinking, resilient and cohesive business. We are committed to integrating our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy throughout our own business, and encouraging similar principles in those of our suppliers and the industry in which we operate.

We aspire to lead by example and to drive change across our business with initiatives such as the Trimite C.A.R.E Standard and our support for charity fund raising.

Some of our key strategy points are as follows.

Double Exposure Businessman in Suit with Big Tree with Bright Sunlight.
UN Sustainable Development Goals logo with grey background, with colour wheel, without UN emblem.

Trimite Global Coatings supports the Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Trimite are committed to be contributors to the achievement of the ‘UN Sustainable and Development Goals’, linking with four specific Goals (3, 8, 12, 13) intended to achieve opportunities for change and positively impact our business.
UN Sustainable Development Goals logo 3 - good health and well-being
UN Sustainable Development Goals logo 8 - decent work and economic growth.
UN Sustainable Development Goals logo 12 - responsible consumption and production.
UN Sustainable Development Goals logo 13 - climate action.
Hands protecting globe of green tree on tropical nature summer background, Ecology and Environment concept.


  • Recognise that environmental and sustainable management is a business priority that should be integrated into all our processes, from the procurement of raw materials through to the manufacture and shipment of our finished goods.
  • Promote the use of clean energy, and reduce our carbon footprint, across all our business operations.
  • Develop an environmentally-aware culture, providing the time and resources required to educate employees, consultants, contractors and stakeholders on our sustainability commitments.
  • Trimite are committed to be a contributor to the achievement of the ‘UN Sustainable and Development Goals’, No.13 Climate Action.
Big group of happy friends stands on sunset backdrop with raised arms together. Friendship or teamwork concept.


  • Be a driving force in supporting social change in the local communities where we operate, by providing employment opportunities for people of all social backgrounds and supporting the community through collaboration with charitable organisations and groups.
  • Provide an inclusive, supportive, healthy and safe working environment for all our employees, consultants, contractors and stakeholders.
  • Encourage and support the education, training and development of all our employees, consultants, contractors and stakeholders.
  • Be active in preventing modern-day slavery in all its forms within our supply chains, customers and operations.
ISO 9001 standard for quality management of organizations with an auditor or manager in background.


  • Conduct our business ethically and implement corporate governance practices to ensure that we do.
  • Ensure that all our employees, contractors, consultants and stakeholders conduct themselves in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards, in accordance with our code of ethics, policies and procedures.
  • Train, support and guide all employees, temporary personnel, consultants and advisors through initial onboarding programs and annual compliance training.
  • Recruit responsibly and fairly, to ensure we recruit the best candidates for our business without bias towards race, religion, gender, diversity and culture.
  • Implement compliance management systems that ensure that all regulatory and contractual obligations are followed.
  • Have an effective and engaged Board of Directors that embrace diversity, including skills, experience, gender, ethnicity, race and religion.
  • To have a management ‘open-door’ policy, to encourage honest and direct communication to resolve issues and concerns expeditiously, without concern of discrimination, retribution or harassment.
  • To review our policies annually, to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.