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Floor Paints

Floor Paints and Line Marking Coatings

Trimite supplies the ‘Trimafloor’ range of hard wearing, low odour floor paints and Line Marking paints. Trimafloor products can be used in a wide range of environments, from warehouses and factories to sports stadiums and hospitals. Trimite floor paints can be applied to concrete, wood, asphalt, metal, brick and other substrates.

The Trimafloor range includes:

  • Single Pack Alkyd (solvent based)
  • Single Pack Epoxy Ester (solvent based)
  • Single Pack Acrylic (water based) – Floor coating and Line Marking paint
  • Two Pack Epoxy (water based) – Standard grade and Fast Drying grade
  • Single Pack Acrylic Clear Sealer (water based)


Single Pack products are suitable for foot traffic and light to medium traffic areas, with Two Pack Epoxy products being suitable for heavier traffic areas where soft-wheeled equipment is used – metal or nylon wheeled equipment can cause rapid coating wear.

Empty painted underground parking area
Indoor sports hall showing different floor markings, green painted.

An anti-slip floor coating surface can be achieved with Trimafloor products using Trimafloor 204 Anti-slip Aggregate. Two methods are available for dispensing the aggregate, depending on your requirements. Either: (1) the aggregate can be sprinkled onto the freshly applied coating while it is still wet; or (2) the aggregate can be added to the can of paint before application. See our Product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for more details.

Typical areas of application include:

  • Factories
  • Industrial units
  • Production areas
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Showrooms
  • Dust Sealing on bare concrete


Trimafloor coatings are available in the following standard shades, in addition to some products being available in almost any shade by tinting. Please note that matches to e.g. RAL standards are approximate.

Leaf Green RAL 6002

RAL6002 (approx.)

Traffic Grey RAL 7042

RAL7042 (approx.)

Dark Admiralty Grey BS 632

BS632 (approx.)

Brown Red RAL 3011

RAL3011 (approx)

Traffic Yellow RAL 1023

RAL1023 (approx)

Golden Yellow RAL 1004

RAL1004 (approx)

Pure White RAL 9010

RAL9010 (approx)

Jet Black RAL 9005

RAL9005 (approx)