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Defence Coatings

Paints for Defence to DEF STAN specifications

Trimite has been a leading supplier for many years of specialist DEF STAN and other specification coatings to the Defence industry. We supply a range of Defence Standard paint types including:

  • Pretreatment cleaners, etch and conversion products
  • Primers, Intermediates, Undercoats and Finishes
  • Single pack, air drying conventional
  • Single pack stoving
  • Two pack epoxy
  • Two pack polyurethane
  • CARC, IRR and Non Slip products


With the increasing threat of chemical weapon attacks, the UK Ministry of Defence specifies Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) for ground equipment. The use of these CARC schemes enables affected equipment to be decontaminated and returned to service.

Trimite CARC products have been specified on some of the biggest military vehicle build programmes in Europe, appearing on the Mastiff, Ridgeback, Jackal and Warthog armoured vehicles.

Trimite has successfully contributed to a wide number of Urgent Operation Requirements (UOR). In addition to the CARC coatings, we have developed a military approved infrared (IR) reflecting polyester powder coating to Defence Standard 80-122, which has been used on military vehicles, storage lockers and small arms. IR camouflage coatings make painted items more difficult to detect using infrared night vision detectors.

UK soldiers practice shooting
Modern British military scout vehicle with soldiers helmet.

Trimite supply Def Stan and other Military specification paints for a wide variety of applications. We specialise in coatings for the following Defence applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Land Vehicles
  • Helmets and Equipment
  • Ammunition
A Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehicle
a british army Land Rover Defender Wolf truck utility medium military vehicle