Innovation, quality and performance are at the heart of what we do.


Trimite was originally established in 1940 in West London. It has since built its reputation on manufacturing high performance and technologically superior paints and coatings to supply a broad range of industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, bakeware, heavy industrial, residential and commercial property, sports and leisure and transport. We also produce paints and coatings for specialist suppliers and retailers.

Growth has been achieved through innovative product development, strategic acquisitions and development of new business propositions.


Paint and maintenance coating brand Glixtone is formulated and launched.


Acquired the industrial finishing division of water-based technology experts Astleys.


Acquired paint manufacturers Carrs Coatings and metal pre-treatments specialists Asbury, Brodie and Co Ltd.


Trimite Global Coatings becomes distributors of Weilburger railway products in the UK.


Industrial, commercial and domestic paints specialist Firwood Paints Ltd is acquired.

2020 - 2021

Company is rebranded as Trimite Global Coatings and Nigel Smith is appointed new Group Managing Director.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Trimite recognises and accepts it responsibility to the environment as an integral and fundamental part of its long-term business strategy. We recognise we are operating in an area that could cause impacts on the environment and strive to mitigate those impacts wherever possible. Our water-based products are credible and respected alternatives to traditional solvent-based coatings.

We provide training to all employees on safety, health and environmental issues and encourage environmental awareness in employees, suppliers and contractors.

We operate an environmental management system at a minimum of ISO 9001 and up to ISO 14001 in some areas. Our Industrial and Floor Paints division also complies with the British Coatings Federation’s policy on Sustainable Development. 

Our sites are strategically located close to motorway networks in order to reduce carbon emissions in built up areas. Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Policies are reviewed every three years and objectives annually. Our commitment is to:

  • Comply with all applicable SHE legislation and exceed these standards where possible
  • Minimise pollution in all forms, but particularly atmospheric emissions and contamination of drains and water courses
  • Ensure that all equipment, plant, processes and systems of work are, as far as is reasonably practical, safe and without risks to health and the environment
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated by better waste management and reusing and recycling waste wherever possible
  • Design any new products to continually reduce any adverse environmental impacts in their production, use and disposal
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through a series of performance targets