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Bonderite C-IC 624 (Deoxidine 624)

Bonderite C-IC 624 (Deoxidine 624)

Acid Cleaner/Etch for Aluminium

Bonderite C-IC 624 (Deoxidine 624) is a ready to use, brush applied liquid cleaner and deoxidiser for aluminium, aluminium alloys, steel and brass.

  • Designed to remove oxides and greases from aluminium, when dipping processes are not a practical alternative.
  • Ready to use liquid. Simple process – brush on, rinse off.
  • Widely specified for aircraft surfaces, to be followed by chromate conversion or paint systems.
  • It is the usual preparation before using Alocrom 1200 or Alodine 600 pretreatment.
  • Meets DTD 900/4627, and can be used as described in BS 7773:1995 Section 3.15, Method P, and BAE Airbus ABP 1-5056.


Download a Technical Data Sheet for Bonderite C-IC 624 here.

For a Safety Data Sheet, or to buy Bonderite C-IC 624 (Deoxidine 624) in the UK, please contact us.

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