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Bonderite M-CR 1200S Aero

Bonderite M-CR 1200S Aero

Chromium Conversion Coating

Bonderite M-CR 1200S Aero is a chromate conversion coating imparting an iridescent golden protective layer to aluminium and aluminium alloys.

  • Excellent corrosion protection with or without paint.
  • Excellent paint or powder adhesion.
  • Contains powerful accelerators to enhance the chromate coating of more difficult aluminium alloy surfaces, to counter mild alkali carry-in and allow shorter treatment times.
  • Designed for application by dipping, brush or spray.
  • A very rapid non-electrolytic chromate conversion treatment.
  • Produces attractive golden coatings on all aluminium surfaces.
  • Operates at ambient temperatures without heating costs.
  • The coating has low electrical resistance (less than 5K micro-ohms/
  • Can treat high silicon castings after simple degreasing.
  • Can repair damaged anodic coatings and restore paint adhesion to aged ones.
  • Complies with MIL-DTL 5541, MIL-C5541/QPL-C-81706, DTD900/4413 and Boeing Spec. BAC 5719.


Download a Technical Data Sheet for Bonderite M-CR 1200S Aero here.

For a Safety Data Sheet, or to buy Bonderite M-CR 1200S Aero in the UK, please contact us.

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