We produce a range of specialist paints and coatings for the aerospace industry, which are designed for some of the harshest environments imaginable. Our work in this sector has involved supplying coating technologies for a range of aerospace industries covering space, commercial and business aviation and defence. 

Interior Coatings

Trimite has over 30 years’ experience in the development and supply of specialist and bespoke powder coating finishes and paints for the Aerospace seating and  interiors market. 

We work with many of the leading design houses, major airlines and seating manufacturers on bespoke development projects for custom colours and finishes and, currently, our powder coating colour library consists of more than 700 specialist colours, available in a variety of tactile finishes and gloss levels, with extraordinary batch to batch colour continuity.

To compliment these we have also produced the “Aerolac” range of wet paints for the coating of both composite and metallic substrates, ensuring superior colour and finish continuity across all coatings mediums.

The “Trimasol” range of re-touch aerosols are custom made to perfectly match each individual T&F colour for minor “on the wing” repairs.  For more extensive repairs, we liaise directly with leading MRO’s and repair facilities to create custom solutions:  options are available upon request.

We are one of the few companies in the world to offer powder coating (for metallic substrates) and wet paint (for composite substrates), so you can be assured of impeccable colour continuity if you need to use both.

In response to recent global market requirements, our new developments include anti-microbial variations of each medium, which have been indicatively tested to JIS Z 2801, and ISO 22196 against organisms including MRSA, E-coli and Covid surrogates.

Exterior Coatings

We are a long standing supplier of highly specified and engineered products to both the Ministry of Defence and commercial airlines.  Our products provide long term corrosion protection and a level of durability which guarantees a long service life for the end customer. We are continuously innovating to ensure that we not only satisfy new industry requirements but also comply with international legislation aimed at removing toxic materials wherever possible and reducing solvent contents to lower the impact of our products on the environment.

We provide a full range of single and multi-pack coatings, including:

  • Etch primers
  • Epoxy and polyurethane primers
  • Synthetic air drying and stoving primers and finishes
  • Protective schemes for avionics
  • CARC coatings
  • Anti-Slip coatings
  • IRR camouflage and solar heat reflecting schemes